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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 6, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon, i'm allen martin. >> i'm sydnie kohara. >> another shock for customers of blue shield of california. the insurance company is
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looking to drastically raise rates again. blue shield wants to increase rates for the third time in five months bumping up the average policy 30 to 35% over the past five months. if they get the okay from state regulators the fee hike would go into effect march 1. critics say the company is doing all it can to avoid explaining this increase. >> january 1st they would have had to justify this to the public. because they snuck it in at the last minute in december they get to sneak in under the wire and not have to explain to anyone, especially their policyholders, why they are racing their rates. >> blue shield says they are raising rates partly because of the federal health reform law and a new law that prohibits charging women higher premiums than men in the state. a study that links childhood vaccines to autism, a new report alleges that study was a fraud. dr. kim mulvihill joins us to
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explain. kim. >> reporter: sydnie, at the time 1998 this study was shocking. it was the first to link childhood vaccines to autism and it triggered a public health scare that still exists. now it appears the scare was based on bogus data. the 198 1998 study suggested that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is linked to autism. the british surgeon general says that information was doctored. a british journalist compared the diagnosis in the 98 studies to the hospital records and found that the medical facts about the children were altered. several of the kids in the study showed signs of autism before they were even vaccinated. dr. andrew wakefield, who published the 1998 study, denies the allegations and says his study is not a lie. now, last year, the lancet took the unusual step and retracted dr. wakefield's study. also last year, dr. wakefield was stripped of his license to
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practice medicine in england. sydnie. >> and this one report led a wave of parents to not vaccinate their kids so what was the fallout? >> reporter: huge. here in california personal beliefs exemptions, when a parents opts out of getting their schoolchildren vaccinated, these exemptions doubled after the study. in some bay area schools 30 to 60% of students are not vaccinated. >> what's the impact of having so many kids unvaccinated? >> reporter: certainly that puts kids who have not been vaccinated at risk but it puts even kids that are vaccinated at risk. vaccines are not 100% effective . your kid might still get sick from a child who wasn't vaccinated. public health experts say it may take decades to overcome what's been done by this study. >> dr. kim, thanks. in oakland, police are searching for two people hiding out in a richmond neighborhood. now, we're told it started off as a high-speed chase in
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vallejo about 20 minutes ago. you can see that white van ended up in front of that house on the grass and ending when the suspects bailed out of their car. this is near mcbride avenue and apparently, they took off running from there, not known right now why police were chasing these people. but we'll have an update once we get more information and chopper 5 will stay over that scene. now, when an earthquake hits, roads can buckle, bridges collapse, it happened in seconds. caltrans is working hard to make sure that never happens in the bay area. simon perez at the site of the latest project in oakland. simon. >> reporter: allen, construction crews are here continuing their work on improving this section of 880. about 15 miles between oakland and hayward. today's work includes shutting down fifth avenue here as it passes under the freeway. there are detour signs to let you know where to go interstate 880 as it passes through downtown oakland is a busy hectic important thoroughfare in need of some
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work. >> this takes a beating. we're looking at a freeway a little over 50 years old. >> reporter: caltrans has shut down fifth avenue where it passes under 880 until later this afternoon so crews can shore up the overpass while they make it stronger and safer during earthquakes. plus... >> there will be a emergency lane that will be added. so that way if a person blows a tire, they believe able to pull off safely and be able to get some help if they need it. >> reporter: if you want to get from embarcadero on the west side of 880 back over to the east side, head up embarcadero, right on oak, right on 7th, then rejoin fifth avenue. to get other way, basically reverse course and head down madison street. this is an aerial view of the overpass now. this is the wider 880 section after the construction is finished. >> 880 is a major thoroughfare for a lot of the commerce that happens in this area. we serve the port, the oakland airport, the coliseum. people drive this on a regular basis trying to get to and from
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work. >> reporter: here's an overview of the entire project. the fifth avenue seismic retrofit costs $130 million, finished summer 2013. a section of 880 will be repaired, cost -- $27 million, finished by the summer of 2012. reif your bigger, the overhead section between fruitvale and 35th avenue, cost $9 million, finished december 2009. seismic retrofit of the high street bridge, finishing summer 2013. widing and adding lanes where 880 meets 238, $86 million, finished fall 2009. and revamping the 92-880 interchange, cost $1 10 million, finished this fall. so this part of fifth avenue as it passes under 880 is going to be closed at least for the rest of the afternoon but allen, as you said at the beginning, this has a lot to do with earthquakes. in fact, two seismic retrofit
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projects here on 880 are the last two according to robinson to be done in the entire state. >> well needed. thank you, simon perez. a nationwide alert today for operators of natural gas pipeline to make sure they have correct information about their lines. federal safety officials issued the bulletin because pg&e had inaccurate records about the san bruno pipeline that exploded in september. meanwhile, seven more lawsuits have been filed against the utility over that deadly blast. and two women have been convicted of scams. they posed as victims of the explosion to get free benefits. four months after the blast, nearly $400,000 given to the city to help survivors still has not been handed out. the vice mayor and a city council member say it's important to find out what pg&e and home owners' insurance will pay for so the donation can focus on needs that are not being met. but that explanation isn't good
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enough for some neighbors. >> these people have been suffering since september. come on! i mean, you know, i don't think that's right and it's -- and i don't think that the city hall has done the right thing. i'm really ashamed of them. >> there are things like this that people need money immediately. you're jerking us around. >> city leaders promise they will make a decision soon, perhaps as early as tuesday checking other headlines around the bay area, it's one battle after another for neighbors in marin county fighting against smartmeters. they had a victory on tuesday when the board of supervisors approved a one-year ban on the installation of those smartmeters. but now pg&e refuses to follow that moratorium. the utility says it will keep installing the devices until the state public utilities commission tells them not to. could be a last call for san jose's club wet after some wild scenes like this one. city leaders are moving to shut down that club permanently.
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this week, police closed the club for 30 days after two women got into a fight on new year's. critics say the club has a history of failing to report violent incidents. a court hearing is set for later this month. and police are looking for answers after a deadly shooting in west oakland. last night officers found a man slumped behind the wheel of a car that was near 16th and center streets. police say they tried to revive them but were not successful. so far, no word on any possible suspects. but this comes just 24 hours after a shooting rampage that injured four people and left one victim in critical condition. coming up, a major shake-up on the california supreme court. plus, a rare mountain lion sighting that has one bay area neighborhood on alert. elizabeth edwards gets a final say what her will reveals about her real feelings for her estranged husband. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. can you believe it? just after noon, and some temperatures still hovering in the 30s outside?
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just how cold will it stay? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mountain lion attack on the the discovery of a dead animal appears to be evidence of a mountain lion attack on the peninsula. sightings are rare in general in that area. but there have been quite a few mountain lion sightings in the past few days and that as anne makovec shows us has a community on edge. >> scary because we walk to school all the time. >> reporter: people living around this elementary school in hillsborough are extra vigilant today after a dead deer was found yesterday less than a mile away. a deer believed to have been killed by a cougar. >> just be aware i think, just... >> reporter: it's places like
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this where nature and civilization clearly mix and this is where the body of a deer was found on the 300 block of robinwood lane. it's one of several sightings of cougars like this one this week in the bay area. many of the sightings have been at times when mountain lions are normally sleeping since they are nocturnal animals. on january 1 one was seen on oak park court in emerald hills mere redwood city at 2:17 p.m. a not your was scouted on albion. one was seen from a building at lawrence livermore lab at 8:22 a.m. and yesterday the body of a dead deer believed to have been killed by a cougar was found in hillsborough at 9:45 a.m. the department of fish & game says sightings during daylight hours might indicate it's sick or injured. another reason to be cautious. there was a reverse 911 in hillsborough yesterday and parents will talk to their
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kids. >> i probably will. if they are out riding their bikes or something, they will be more aware but i -- you know, we don't -- i'm usually out with them anyway. >> reporter: some tips if you see one, make yourself appear large, don't turn around, don't crouch down, speak loudly and firmly. report it to police. in hillsborough, anne makovec, cbs 5. and we're following this breaking news story out of oakland once again. police going house to house searches for two people they say are hiding out in this richmond neighborhood. these are live pictures from chopper 5. now, we understand that this all started as a high- speed car chase in vallejo just about 30 minutes ago. and it ended when the suspects bailed out of their car and took off running. again, we don't know what set off this incident. but again, they are searching this richmond neighborhood. you see the big number of police cars there in this richmond neighborhood searching
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for two suspects. okay. coming up, new details about the winner of that mega millions jackpot. >> plus, sin city lights up with thousands of new tech toys. we have a sneak peek at the next generation of gadgets that we'll be wanting next year. >> and cold fog starting out for most of the bay area and it continues in some parts. will it break up? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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even on the market yet? e consumer electroni officers are you looking for the hottest tech toys that aren't on the market? the consumer electronics show is kicking off today in las vegas. there are 20,000 new products in the space of 17 football fields. 120,000 people coming to this. major trends to watch for, the ipad gets some competition and new smart tvs. they combine the best qualities of your smart phone and a laptop. >> wow. i think lawrence is just getting used to a smart phone. >> i know. >> you have a phone line? >> i still have one of those dumb phones, are you kidding? [ laughter ] >> we have some changes coming up in the next couple of days. today not bad, but the sun is finally breaking through in spots. over the bay looking good but it was cold this morning. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. you know what? it continues cold outside. i think some of the warmer places are near the water but even there you can see a couple of patches of fog and that fog has been the main reason to keep those temperatures down around the bay area today. check out some of these
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numbers. can you believe it's still 37 degrees right now in santa rosa? also 37 degrees in san rafael. you have 42 in vallejo, 41 in concord. and, of course, that fog continues as you make your way in toward the central valley. going to try it break that up this afternoon. you will see a mix of hazy sunshine and still a little fog. temperatures now looking like they are going to be in the 40s and 50s around the bay area. we thought they might be warmer but that fog is just lingered too long. overnight lows again going to be chilly and watch out for that fog. visibility is going to be very low in some spots, maybe less than a quarter mile. high pressure overhead, the atmosphere very stable and that's why we are getting some of that fog out there with the moisture on the ground. showers into southern california, we are not going to see that here. awe'll have to contend with those cold nights and early- morning fog. we'll have nice weather in the high country. there we are planning on great skiing conditions and temperatures running in the
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30s and 40s. i think as we look around the bay area this afternoon, let's plan on 57 degrees now in san jose. about 56 in morgan hill, 55 in redwood city. a little touch and go with the temperatures inland. i think upper 40s maybe some low 50s toward pittsburg and antioch. it's going to be chilly there. 52 degrees in through concord. you get that nice air toward san rafael and the coast keeping the temperatures cold. 49 in san rafael, 49 benicia and about 48 degrees in santa rosa. so as we look toward tonight, we are going to see some cold temperatures again, plan on freezing numbers in the interior valleys with that fog. and yes, you could even see some freezing fog out there. as we look over the next few days, we are expecting more sunshine, maybe warming those temperatures up a little bit through tomorrow. over the weekend, we are going to see less low clouds and fog, we are going to see some partly cloudy skies though and some cooler temperatures. there is a chance of some rain returning to the bay area as we look toward tuesday of next week. that's the latest from here,
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guys. back to you. >> thank you. a shake-up on the court. the only democrat is stepping down next month after secretary of since 2001. he was on president obama's short list for supreme court justice. the late elizabeth edwards left her estranged husband john edwards out of her will and left everything to her children. she died last month after a long battle with cancer. she signed her will just six days before she passed away. john and elizabeth separated early last year after it was revealed that he had an affair with a former campaign worker. the new republican- controlled house of representatives getting down to business now. today there is a vote on budget cuts and moves to repeal the healthcare law. as joel brown tells us, the new agenda, though, starts with a document that is centuries old. >> reporter: the first full
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day of the new gop-led house began with something that's never been done before. >> in order to form a more perfect union -- >> shall be vested in a congress of the united states. >> reporter: members recited the full u.s. constitution on the house floor. a symbolic move ordered by new speaker john boehner who wants to get moving on his agenda starting today by reduce congressional budgets by 5% and republicans want to ease regulation on big business and repeal the healthcare reform law. >> the american people want to cut spending and grow the economy. that's what repealing the healthcare law is all about. >> reporter: democrats are already punching back at the republicans' new plans. >> republicans are already spending trillions more than they planned to cut. >> reporter: speaker boehner promised to work with democrats and the white house, which is about to undergo a major retooling. white house press secretary robert gibbs is leaving next month. >> i would not trade the worst
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day i have had here for many of the best days that you might have in another job. >> reporter: president obama needs a new spokesman and he will soon have a new chief of staff. pete roust has been filling the position. daily worked for bill clinton when he had to face a republican congress. joel brown, cbs news, washington. a 3-year-old gave vice president joe biden kind of a tough time at yesterday's swearing-in ceremony. >> i need to borrow that back >> no. >> william, give that back to me. hey, i'll trade you. >> biden gave senator ron widen's son a script kind of to distract the boy so they could pose for a picture. it worked. but the problem is the boy wouldn't give it back. so vice president distracted the young man, snatched the script back and -- he actually traded him for a mint. >> good bargain there. six lucky numbers that
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changed one man's life in an instant. coming up, what we have learned now about the retiree who struck it rich in the mega millions lottery. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer-related problem or question, call our hotline 1- 888-5-helps-u. we have volunteers answering the phones right now. ,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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one of the winners of the mega ions jackpot will a retiree from washington state has turned megamillionaire. >> one of the winners of the mega millions jackpot will be claiming his winnings today. the man is retired. he will have his family with him when he comes forward. he purchased that ticket at a safeway in washington. now, it's still not known who bought the other ticket in idaho. they will be sharing a $380 million prize. it's the second biggest jackpot in history. >> a lot of people in idaho looking for their ticket! >> that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. see you at 5:00.
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